BLOODLOSS – This Still Remains

The superb London based metalcore outfit ‘Bloodloss’ now has a single available for download free from their site. ‘This Still Remains‘ comes from their highly anticipated new album (to be released soon.) The site also has a taster from the album ‘Paradise’. Check them out now.

 The sudden onslaught of rapid-fire steaming drums catches out the unready, whilst gnashing guitars lick the charcoaled vocals, creating sulphurous flumes of intense heat. Then ripples of molten guitar flare around the rims of the deepest, gruelling bass play this side of of the Styx. Titanic riffs separate the succulent chords… but then we get to the crux …  a splendid, almost noble, burst of the most brilliant yet fragile guitar. The sound leaps like a salmon from the lava, and falls rapidly in a cloud of dazzling stars, seething underneath. Pounding drums keep the energy up, never eclipsed by a voice that is melodic, sometimes gruff. A true leap forward, in flames, for this amazing band.

© Neil_Mach 11 Decemember 2011


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