Attention Thieves on the Rampage in Staines

Attention Thieves operating in Staines was the stark warning. And an ominous bucket of ear-plugs greeted the audience members flocking to The Hob to see these amazing Reading based rockers.

We were at The Hobgoblin Staines for an exciting evening with the band, and we were already anticipating a pretty unforgettable time. “This is gonna be loud!” Said one grinning patron as he checked over his ear defenders. ”But we are fortunate to have the boys in town.” He smiled.

The four-piece band recently opened the new ride – Swarm at Thorpe Park – giving them some great exposure- and also providing a link to the riverside town of Staines. Big Cheese magazine said ““There is no doubt that the coming months will see (the band’s) popularity sky rocket.” And given what we saw of the band at the Hobgoblin, we are inclined to agree.

With numbers like ‘You’ll Be The First One’ the boys entertained the lively crowd. Stitched together with grizzled ebony-tinged guitar sounds, and rhythms of the most incredible intricacy, this is one hellishly hypnotic song. The verse is gradually unfurled by Alex (vocals and guitar). And the scintillating chorus is a jamboree of colours and textures, as ear piercing sounds ( Hag on Guitars) rush up and fly, like streamers in the sky.

‘Can’t Say’ has bruising bass notes provided by Ryan (bass guitar) located inside a maze of tantalizing rhythms and textures, packed full of mystery and false direction. Masterly percussion by Sim (drums) are interrupted by moments of quiet introspection, allowing the stunned audience to take a quick breath before another monster guitar assault. This song peaks in a thundering climax. It is astonishing and strident stuff. No, it’s not for the fainthearted. But this is the kind of sum and substance that legends are made of.

Attention Thieves are now on an extended tour of the UK throughout May and into the summer. Check their facebook page to find a date and a venue near you.

The band can be seen playing live at Redfest of July 20th….. So we recommend that you catch the band there, before they embark on their European tour in September.

© Neil_Mach April 2012


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