Borderline:FIRE Take On Guildford

Borderline:FIRE are one of Reading’s fastest growing rock bands. Since their debut EP ‘All That’s Left Of You’ the band have progressed and added a synth player to complete their line-up ( not at The Boiler Room gig) . Borderline:FIRE recorded their debut single ‘I Wanna Go‘ at Empire Studios and then went on to record a video with Daniel Broadley films. They also toured around the country to promote the single in Nov/Dec 2011. This summer they will be releasing their debut mini-album titled ‘This Trojan State’ as well as appearing all over the South, including performing at RedFest alongside Modestep and Young Guns.

At the superb Guildford venue The Boileroom the hale-storm eruption of guitars kicked off the gloriously powerful set. Decorated with attitude and annihilating power right from the very start. This band also possess muscled melodies and sinewy harmonies. And that puts them into an entirely different class. And with Borderline:FIRE you get the feeling that every inch counts … they’ re not playing at making music – they are serious about making you think.

A scalding cover of Example’s – ‘Changed the Way You Kiss Me’ was sour, melancholy and grunt-filled. Epic and gloomy in one sitting. If you are going to cover a song like that, then this is the way to do it. Put your signature on it. And send it through the night air. Bloody amazing!

A new song ‘Brain Wash’ was hollowed out normality – a dark world of paradoxes latent with power guitar firestorms. In between was a profusion of sounds including an infinite balls out bass guitar together with a ‘Love is not a game…’ chorus that bled attitude and was a prominent plea for sanity.

Their big number ‘I Wanna Go’ has nervous ticks of percussion that begin to infect your mind. A long winding guitar twines like a rattlesnake lurking. Then the verse assertively steps up to the mark and is punctuated by a brazen chorus, and this is where the larger trademark harmonies are employed. All the while the lead guitar adds an intricate web of thin, subtle patterns. The devastating final piece of this song is a profusion of brilliantly twisted shapes and glittering patterns – a feast of sounds and textures.

Catch Borderline:FIRE as soon as you can…. highly recommended. See them at this year’s REDFEST.

© Neil_Mach July 2012


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