DOLVING Debut Solo Album Review

Peter Dolving is a guitarist, songwriter, visual artist and is the former singer of the Swedish metal band The Haunted.

In 2011 Dolving joined the Swedish hardcore band Rosvo having quit The Haunted for a second time.

Dolving is now set to release his solo debut album Thieves And Liars Release Date – 3rd December 2012

We had an early listen, and here’s what we thought:

The first track ‘Meinhof’ sounds like it rattles along a rickety track. Screaming wind chimes lace the air, as dirty great boulders of filthy drum-beats pelt down. Faintly rockabilly vocals jostle into view – and a wafering guitar slices the thick turgid air.

Song For You’ has a bruising, cruising bass line that will rub you up the right way. The thwacking drums keep your feet in spasms of ecstasy. Slimy guitars eel their way around the piece … slipping their way into the crevices left by the rhythm. And the vocals are splendid adornments in their own right.

Hands On’ has sneering vocals that hiss and whine in a gaseous sounding environment. Disconcerting guitars grow like fronds of fungus in the darkness. And the “ Put your hands where I can see them…” lyric is vaguely heard against the extraneous noises of the night-time city air.

One Sweet Moment’ is like a rampaging metal monster kicking his way through a dangerous waste tip. Whilst ‘Ordinary Folk’ has vocals and an attitude reminiscent of output from Marilyn Manson.

Sunday Mornings’ has a sad and awkward blues beat, full of expanded rubbery bass notes. It comes at you like a ferreting beast … clamoring, clawing and digging. Then a howl heralds a shiny vocal that almost glints in the dark sweetness.

My Will To Die’ is a piece of dirty rock. Shadowy vocals lean up close – to whisper blasphemous truths into your eager ear. This could easily be a sound-track to a mafia based TV series. And ‘So Sick’ blasts out in a fiery rage. Filled with energy and cataclysmic power. An anguished voice is crushed against the merciless drums and then flayed by the buzzing guitars. This is a very fine track.

Finally ‘All This Beauty’ blasts out into the open air – gulping up all the oxygen, leaving you with nothing else to breathe. A plaintive cry forewarns you of the oncoming corrugated sounds that will come to take you away. For ever. Drum notes and bass sounds are hammered out in a twisted and hellish forge. And the guitars, when they finally arrive, fly off wildly , embarking upon their own fantastic journeys. This track demands repeated plays.

– © Neil_Mach September 2012 –


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