THE TREATMENT Leave London’s Ears Bleeding


At a time when rock music is defined on the basis of specific genres or sub-genres, it’s refreshing for a new band to come along that we are happy to describe as simply ‘rock’ … and when the band-members in question are only – on average – 18 years old, the project becomes very interesting indeed:  Classic sounds filtered through young hearts and minds.

The five-strong outfit THE TREATMENT based in the Cambridge UK, are exuberant, energetic and fresh. And they are the rock band to watch.

Combining the drive of early Def Leppard with the songwriting capacity of early UFO and Thin Lizzy, all generously underpinned by the sort of low profile riffing reminiscent of Aerosmith or G n ‘R,  THE TREATMENT are shamelessly inspired by an era when rock bands looked like rock bands and were generally intent on causing a stir (both on stage and off). They hark back to a period when the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle was important, when music was everything, and when vinyl was king.

When KISS and Motley Crue kicked off their massive 2012 tour in July, they sensationally chose THE TREATMENT as their opening band.

Nikki Sixx said: “These guys kick ass! They have a great, straight ahead, no bullshit rock vibe! I’m excited for them to get this kind of exposure in the U.S. and look forward to hearing and seeing a lot more from them”[]

So the gig last week in London (Camden Underworld) was seen as a triumphant return for the band, and a “Thank you” for the many fans in the Capital who have been faithful to them, from the beginning of their journey.

The Underworld was full of sparkling love for this sell out end-of-year show. Londoners have taken the boys to their bosom, and have adopted the band as their own  beloved sons. And when the band started playing, the intensity of the onslaught struck us like a thunderclap.  Heartless guitars (Ben and Tagore) crept up on us and attacked us where we stood. Meanwhile, a dangerous thundercloud of percussive shavings (Dhani on drums) was hurled at us in a hail of dynamic intensity.

We had “Killer”, which is a long-range rocker. Fat guitar chords were unrolled, whilst other guitar notes skinned the air. The voice (Matt Jones) was pushed so hard, we wondered if the feverish throat crushing could cause permanent damage. It was romp rock of colossal scope and brutal dimensions.

And when the Cambridge band played their breathtaking song “Get The Party On” the wildness really started. This is the ultimate feel good anthem. The band played with a surprising speed and a passionate honesty.

DSC_0980-iiJust Tell Me Why” had a riff that burned our ears with spears of flame. The guitar soloist jumped out and seemed to attack us, like a leopard pouncing. The fire-whipping vocals were like a grizzled steam-jet of emotions.

The Doctor” had whopping, concrete slabs guitar… and hard fought, brutally hot riffs.  And “Nothing To Lose But Our Minds” was a show high point. This is when the band sounded most like Mott the Hoople crossed with Aerosmith. No one can deny that the evocative riff in this song is spectacular – and the melody is haunting. It will stay with you till morning.

Finally “Shake The Mountain” had us jumping, waving, screaming and generally going mad. It was an extravaganza of epic proportions. Hysterical, licentious and totally liberating. The crowd stormed the stage. And we all shared the love.  It was an amazing celebration.

How we love THE TREATMENT.

-© Neil_Mach December 2012 –


This Might Hurt”  – the debut album from these youthful UK rockers – with tracks like ‘The Doctor’ ‘Shake The Mountain’  and ‘Just Tell Me Why’ is available now. From Amazon or other reputable stockists.



  1. i thought the show was ok, the turn out was a lot lower than expected – far from the sell out that your article mis informs

  2. I’m sorry bob, but the show was far from just ok. This band caused riots it was so good! And you can’t say it was far of from a sell out show, there must have been at least 500 people in there! Best gig of 2012

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