Akarusa Yami were formed in 2010 by guitarist Tom Clarke (Insidious) and singer Tom Brumpton. These founding members were later joined by Drummer Adam Jones, Guitarist Damian Lee, Bassist Jake Bennett and Keyboardist Lee Dowling.

Describing their music as Progressive-Industrial Metal, the band lists influences such as Fear FactoryMeshuggahBeneath The MassacreRammstein and NIN.

We had a chat with Akarusa Yami about  ‘Trace Element Rebirth’ and the band’s plans for 2013:

METAL AS RELIGION: We think that Akarusa Yami is all about the conflict between darkness and the light – and how such conflict affects us all. Are we right?  

Tom B – I’d agree with that. Lyrically I always see it as striving towards a better way of living and existing. I think that’s really important, but I also think its important to acknowledge the darker side of your personality and tastes. It’s healthier than just denying they exist.

What do you think of the state of health of ‘industrial metal’ in Nottinghamshire at the moment? Would it get a thumbs up seal of approval from Dr. Metalhead? (the GP of Sound.)

Tom B – (Laughs) I’m not entirely sure!  I don’t think there are many bands that play industrial metal but the metal scene in Nottinghamshire is still pretty healthy.

What are the best ‘metal’  venues in Nottinghamshire?

Tom B – We’re looking to tour, its something we want to do. As for Nottinghamshire, I’d say the best venues would probably be Rock City, Rescue Rooms or The Old Angel.

Are there festivals on the horizon for Akarusa Yami for 2013 – Bloodstock perhaps?

Tom B – We’re talking to a few people, we’ll have to wait and see before we can confirm anything. As for Bloodstock, if we get asked back then we’ll definitely do it but its early days yet.

And abroad? How would you feel about playing festivals in Norway or Germany? If you could play a big festival this summer, which would it be?

Tom B – We’ve always had a lot of love in Norway and Sweden, Germany’s a new one for us but we’re trying to make our way there,  and if we got to do anything out there then great. Summer festival? We’re English, so a spot at Donington would be outstanding.

How do you think your new EP ‘Trace Element Rebirth’ compares with your debut EP ‘Ouroboros’ (2011) ?

Tom B – I think it’s a definite progression, it’s a little more refined and we took our time with things. We wanted to get it right. The songs are a little fuller, and we’ve got a new member (Keyboard player Lee Dowling) so there’s some new elements in there too. I think the other big change is lyrically. Ouroboros isn’t a happy record! (Laughs) This has got some much lighter moments; it’s more positive, more melodic, and maybe even a little bit more accessible. When we walked into this record we knew what worked and what didn’t, so it was just a matter of getting those things down.

The band was quite busy in 2012 creating ‘Trace Element Rebirth’- did you get out and gig as much as you would have liked? What were your favourite concerts of the year?

Tom B – I don’t think we played any shows last year, which is a shame. But we did get to do some awesome shows in 2011. Favourite has gotta be Bloodstock, amazing weekend with some amazing people.

You have done well on your Reverb Nation site … [http://www.reverbnation.com/akarusayami] Statistics show that you have 191 fans in the East Midlands area of England. How are you going to capitalize on that success and increase your fan base?

Tom B – Thanks, I think we’ll just keep building. We’re quite active on Facebook and Twitter. We try and connect with people as best we can, it’s so important these days to be accessible and interactive with people.

What else can we expect from Akarusa Yami in 2013?

Tom B – We’re looking to do some festivals, we’ve got 2 videos coming out, some shows and then the EP hits on April 1st so we’re pretty busy right now!

 – Akarusa Yami were talking to © Neil_Mach January 2013 –

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