When trying to describe For The Imperium, the first thing you need to ditch are the more conventional subgenres of rock music within the equation. Yet at the same time, there is probably something from every one of them on this new album.

Comparing one of the post-hardcore bands of today with For The Imperium is like comparing horse manure and drugs. While the comparison may be very interesting, it would certainly not be successful.

Listening to For The Imperium is like watching a master illusionist. From one track to another, the sleight of hand is jaw-dropping. Just when you think the fearsome quartet showed you their latest trick, another rabbit jumps out of the hat, or there is another unexpected direction of music, or a super-human catchy hook-line, perhaps some disconcerting instrumental or a vocal from the strangest sounding singer you may have heard – whose voice output seems out-flex the greatest of any Olympic female gymnasts. And this is only half the story. With their unorthodox use of acoustic guitars and static, it seems even possible that they may be rewriting the rule book on song-writing.

For the ImperiumJust put the majority of rock music you have ever heard in a blender. Add some of what you’ve never even imagined, and spice it up with a crazy level of musicality and press the button. Let the mixture stand for a few scant 40 minutes and what you have left is For The Imperium. Eat with your ears and prepare to be blown away.

We took a listen to FOR THE IMPERIUM’S – New Single 2013 “Sudden Death” and here’s what we thought:

A squeezy bottle of guitar squelching sounds inflates this balloon of fun right from the start. The rapid pace falters apiece- perhaps reminding you of the sophisticated majesty of the output from SOAD. The exorbitant beauty – and the rise – of those guitars is what you will totally buy into. But it is the vocals – which are so incredibly smooth – that will bring you to your knees. In a groove state of total bliss. Both surprising and decorative. -© Neil_Mach February 2013 –

‘Hail the Monsters’ is released on 4th March on Graphite Records. That month the band will then hit the road with Breed 77 for a series of dates:

UK TOUR MARCH 2013 with Breed 77:

7th Manchester – NQ Live
8th Birmingham – HMV Library
9th Cardiff – Bogiez
10th Bristol – Fleece
11th Wrexham – Central Station
12th Newcastle – The Cluny
13th London – The Garage
14th Southampton -The Cellar
15th Brighton – The Haunt
16th Milton Keynes – Crauford Arms
17th Southend – Club Zinc



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