Continuing on our holy battle against the heretics and irreligious purveyors of musical perversity, our Grand Inquisitor has had the opportunity to have a quiet chat with Toschie (vocals) from Audrey Horne about the commitment of the band to the religion of metal.

Audrey Horne is a heavy / melodic classic rock band from Bergen in Norway. Formed in 2002 by Toschie, the band delivered a superb 4-track EP  ‘Confessions & Alcohol’ –  swiftly followed by a début album ‘No Hay Banda’ released in April 2005.

Their new album Youngblood  is OUT NOW on Napalm.

Current Members: Toschie – Vox ; Ice Dale – Guitar; Thomas Tofthagen – Guitar ; Kjetil Greve – Drums ; Espen Lien – Bass


METAL AS RELIGION: Tell us about the cover [artwork] for the new album.

AUDREY HORNE: The artwork is made by me, [Toschie] and I made it in order to fit the music as best as I could. On this new album, we have more than ever before managed to capture the energy we get from playing live, and we have written this album as a unit, and recorded it as live as possible.

It was made with a lot of joy, and love for the music. This process has made us better, tighter and closer as persons. So I wanted to give the artwork that feeling of unification, almost as the X-men [Laughs] . A touch of Marvel Comics , and in some ways, [like] Kiss did on “Rock and roll over”, I admit to being slightly inspired by that one too.

METAL AS RELIGION: So tell us about ‘Youngblood’ (the new album). The first track is titled ‘Redemption Blues’ – is this a blues based album?

Audrey Horne Young Blood

 It is an album of classic rock. It has a lot of influences from the music we grew up listening to, and in many ways it is also a blues based album, as most of that music was highly blues based : Whitesnake, Van Halen, Kiss, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin etc.

We have incorporated a lot more guitar work, and solos on this album than ever before, and in general we play with more energy and feeling than we have done earlier. I am extremely proud of this album, and it fits us way better as a live band.

METAL AS RELIGION: What will it be like on tour again with the other ‘Bergens’ – Sahg ? Do you get up to mischief when you are on the road?

[Laughs out] . Hopefully not too much. No, seriously, Audrey Horne behave like gentlemen, Sahg on the other hand, are not to be trusted. Bunch of drunken bastards that will steal your girl and your wallet !

Sadly, we will not, do that tour together. We are doing the first half, and Sahg will do the second leg. Good news is that we will do a tour later together with Sahg.

METAL AS RELIGION: What about gigging with Long Distance Calling ?  Have you have toured / worked with the Munster rockers before? What do you expect?

No, we have never toured with them before, but I guess it will be really cool. The three bands on that tour: us, them and Sólstafir are quite different, so it will be a good, and diverse bill

METAL AS RELIGION:  Why are you sporting a new band logo ? Is it a rebirth of the brand Audrey Horne?

Audrey Horne new logo

It is not a rebirth, but like I said, we have become a stronger unit, and I think we all needed a change.

We also thought it fitted the music on this album more. The old logo had a darker, and more “beautiful” touch, and we felt we needed something that was more plain rawk. It also looks way better on merchandise and on a backdrop. Bigger, better, stronger, faster !

METAL AS RELIGION:Are you looking forward to playing the Sweden Rock Festival 2013?  Are there any other interesting events for Audrey Horne on the horizon?

We are super exited to play that festival. Our guitar player Thomas goes there every year anyway. We are also planning a UK tour, probably late April, together with Sahg, and we have a bunch of festivals coming up : Rock Hard , Masters of Rock etc.

METAL AS RELIGION: Tell us about working with super-producer Sir Dupermann Norwegian (Jørgen Traen)…

He is amazing, and we have wanted to work with him for a long time, and we finally made it happen. He is a very busy man, this off course since he is extremely talented guy, and a no- compromise dude. So we basically gave him free hands in the mixing process. Needless to say we are very happy with the result.

METAL AS RELIGION:What can UK fans expect when you visit the UK?

Like I said, we are only doing the first half of the tour, but we will be (hopefully) back in the UK in April, and then we will give you one hell of a show, and entertain the socks off you. We can’t wait to get over there. Meanwhile : Play our album and learn the songs by heart, and we’ll sing it together then. Deal ?


 Audrey Horne was talking to © Neil Mach February 2013 for Metal as Religion


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