Neuronspoiler is a 5-piece band heavy metal band operating from London, United Kingdom. The band formed in 2009 and have now released their first full-length album entitled Emergence.

Our Metal Prelature had a listen.  Here’s what we thought:

After the complex web of barbed guitars … we rush, by leaps and bounds, from ‘Digital Resistance‘ and into the ‘Hell’ (through which)  ‘We March’.  This is a grand slalom of a song, tantalizing and deadly quick – like a needle to the throat – it will make you bleed.  But you will not suffer. Certain fate comes quickly. Erick Tekilla’s bass is spread thickly, like a hard coating of butter;  But upon this is a drizzled snow of sugar-fine guitars (from the two Daves) and, smothered over, the elegant vocals of JR.


‘Take the Stage’ has a thunderous melodic phrase. This riff will guide your nose to the spice. The trail gets hotter when you approach. Then you realize that something is asked of you. You must sacrifice everything when you ‘Take the Stage’.

Irreverent’ will leave you snow-blind and gasping.  This canticle is offered for the repose of those  ungodly degenerates out there – forever lost in the dark  –  who howl each night at the wall.  A turbulent anthem will bring you to your senses … then you will be horn-screaming with the best of them. And the embroidery of finely-cut guitars will seduce you with their incisive precision.

To be an ‘Invincible Man’ you will need to be made of iron. With a heart of steel. And a saber-like consciousness. You never feel disorientated by this amazing track. Yes, it has twists and turns, deep alleys and amazing high points – and best of all there is an exciting climax. But although it will seduce you, it will never confound you. And with its “Rescue me… ”  chant,  it will linger deep in your heart …  The “Invincible, invincible” roar results in the next track – almost as an ‘Act of Defiance’.

After the bumptious nodding of ‘Exempt from Privilege’, the willowy smoke lifts to allow the glint of ‘Dying Worlds’ to enter. The fragrances and the eloquent majesty of the guitars will lighten your mood – especially as the twin guitar solos twist and turn like snakes,  majestically winding their heads into a sobbing sun.  This track is overflowing with incarnate, fast and complex musicianship.

(Just a Fool) On Your Way Up’ is like a biker kicking the front door in. It is splintering fun. As long as you don’t get in the way (or you could get hurt). But this is a bruising, cut-glass clamor of a song.

The album concludes with ‘Never Back Down’. The guitar riff follows the lyrical rhythm. And the song grows powerfully – as an anthem for all of us. Bang your head and swing your pitcher to this battle song. And sing for freedom and for fortitude!

Now head over to bandcamp and grab it!


© Neil Mach March 2013


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