SISTER SHOTGUN For the Love of Hate

Sister Shotgun  is a five-piece rock band led by passionate singer Chloe Ozwell. The band is making a name for themselves across the West Midlands with their unsurpassed energy and exciting musicality. Their music takes its influences from many styles including classic rock and metal.

Their EP ‘For the Love of Hate‘ is out now.

Sister Shotgun For the Love of Hate

Our Metal Prelature had a listen.  Here’s what we thought:

Riots’ swirls from the gutter, like fire from a ravaged scene on desolation boulevard. The pace is prudent – but the chorus has a hook that bites deeply – so you’ll be easily snared by this one. The voice of Chloe is boldly painted, and it has the muscle and energy to compete against the bruising bass beast. The guitar solo is sparkling and refined.This is a no nonsense number. From a no nonsense outfit.

Saving My Soul” has a tricky beat to it, and a skidding guitar that lurches over and falls, like a street-fighter that has hit the asphalt in a crash and a splinter. The vocals are everyday and effective. And the harmonies are interesting. Nice work!

Dirty Mind” is a griddled affair. It was left smoking on the burner. And now it is red hot and sticky. The voice is higher on this track, full of echoes and pale intrigue . And the fluster of guitars create an emulsified mass – this feeds the flames of sound that spurt out, unprotected. “I’ve got a dirty mind … You have got a dirty soul.” Indeed !

Interlude” is a haunted fragment . Feel your anger rise as you tiptoe into the empty house. And this sets up “For The Love Of Hate” – the most ambitious track on this E.P. Against a lightly strummed guitar, the voice meanders until the bass notes enter like demons – to start prowling. Then the song really gets going. The melody is intelligent, the voice reaches spectacular peaks when asked – and the concluding summit is one of true majesty and princely grandeur.

There is nothing really daring to be found in this recording. But that is not necessarily what people are looking for.  Maybe the band could be fresher in their approach – but again – there’s nothing wrong with grassroots song-writing.  Creativity and innovation will undoubtedly come.  This is an accomplished E.P. and provides a solid basis for the band. We are looking forward to much more from Sister Shotgun.


© Neil Mach March 2013


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