MONUMENT Hammerfest Choice

The world’s destiny is at stake – and all that stands between Man and his Destruction is the New Religion : The True Religion of Heavy Metal.

The METAL AS RELIGION Pontificium Consilium has convened and has ordained that the following band is an inspirational source -and should be sought out at Hammerfest V:

Monument’ was formed on the cold streets of East London by vocalist Peter Ellis (Ex- White Wizzard, The More I See), to bring back a sound that has been missing from the UK for nearly 30 years… True British Heavy Metal!

As Neverworld told our reporter last week, “NWOTHM – is old school heavy metal but it’s very fresh and exciting. Bands like Air RaidNeuronspoilerElm Street,Steelwing and Monument are really delivering the goods right now and its great to see this scene growing.”  See the Interview here>

MonumentSo, with thunderous, melodic bass tones, dual guitar harmonies, rock-solid drum beats and signature falsetto wails, the band is determined to make a difference in today’s Metal scene and is celebrating a sound that is rooted in melody and good songwriting that will inspire a new generation of Metal fans.

True Metal is back in the Empire and MONUMENT will undoubtedly be the band at the forefront of this new wave.

Metal Hammer and HRH present:

Hammerfest V

In Fear Of The Dragon

Saturday 15th March – Stage Two – Jagermeister Stage – 14-45 – 15-30

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