SCI-FI MAFIA Hammerfest Choice

The METAL AS RELIGION Pontificium Consilium has convened and has ordained that the following band is an inspirational source -and should be sought out at Hammerfest V:

Sci-fi Mafia, with their psychotronic arsenal of nuclear sounds, are this year’s most whoop-ass must see band.  Hailing from the depths of Middle England they are an amalgamation of electronic industrial and fadge-kickingly good metal, with the irrepressible Jason Vine’s provocatively-styled vocals putting the plasma on the party food.


After stylishly annihilating venues across the UK over the last annum  – with their “take no prisoners” attitude – the band are hell bent on World domination, packed to the gills with fearsome fire-wielding Femme Fatales, high explosives and Jack Daniels.

Needless to say, they aim to Rock – and a treat for the adrenal glands is promised to those who bear witness to their stage-smashing presence.


Metal Hammer and HRH present:

Hammerfest V

In Fear Of The Dragon

Friday night 15th March – Stage One – Dragon Stage– 01.40 – 02.30

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