VREID Interview

Following up the critically acclaimed and Norwegian Grammy-nominated album ”V”, the Norwegian band Vreid (Translated: Wrath) is back with their new opus “Welcome Farewell”, displaying a new and fresh approach to their already trademark sound. The Vreid Brigade’s music is often referred to as ”Black & Roll”, and Metal Hammer UK described their music as “a unique time-travel in metal, and one can hear elements of 70’s  rock, 80’s classic metal and Norwegian black metal.” They have now added yet another  new twist to it,  not easy to describe,  just very Vreid.

Vreid was formed in 2004 after the demise of  ‘Sognametal’  legends Windir. Some described their music as a mixture of the ambiance of Windir, the rawness of Norwegian black metal and the rocking groove of Sepultura, Metallica and Motörhead. Since then Vreid has continued to grow and develop their own distinctive sound, and released five albums and one DVD.

On February 22nd 2013 they released their 6th Opus “Welcome Farewell” on Indie Recordings –  the follow-up to their greatest success so far, the Norwegian Grammy nominated “V”.

The Grand Inquisitor spoke to STEINGRIM  (drums) from Vreid:

Vreid Welcome Farewell cover

METAL AS RELIGION: Your New Album “Welcome Farewell” is getting good sales, and also some great feedback. How satisfied are you with the results?

STEINGRIM :  We are of course very satisfied. Things are looking good, we’re getting massive feedback all over so we’re not complaining-  indeed!

METAL AS RELIGION: Your songs are jam-packed full of catchy riffs and clever arrangements. How do you come up with so many good ideas?

Well, Hvàll is the main songwriter & as always the mastermind here, and the music & lyrics are written by him. We do have quite a long pre-producing process before recording, and it also includes some jamming, and some of this pre-producing can alter the songs. When it comes to the arrangement-part of the process, we’re all involved some way or the other.

METAL AS RELIGION: Vreid has been going since 2004. Would you describe “Welcome Farewell” as a seasoned release?

I would not say this is sort of a summoning up of what we’ve achieved so far – or a looking back at what we’ve done.

I’d rather say it’s another step for the band to optimalize the Vreid-sound, taking the band to new heights – so to say.

METAL AS RELIGION: Congratulations on such a great video for ‘The Reap’ – Tell us about working on that video.

Thanx! We’re very satisfied with the video, and the work put in by Kim Holm and director Einar Loftesnes, and the response has been very good so far. 

METAL AS RELIGION: So tell us about playing Oslo’s National Opera House… What was that experience like?

It was an honor to be the first metal band to perform in this fantastic venue. For me personally, this was the highlight of 2012. The National Opera House in Oslo is an amazing structure, and perhaps the most important cultural-investment in our country’s history.

METAL AS RELIGION: What is it going to be like to be gigging with YEAR OF THE GOAT ? The band are famed for their vintage sounds – how will their music complement Vreid?

Hopefully they’ll complement us good. I see many similarities between their music and ourselves. They have a lot of 70’s vintage, semi-distortion guitars in their sound, we also have lot’s of 70’s influences in our music.

Personally I’m a huge fan of their music, and have been listening to the “Angels Necropolis”- record for a long time now.

Vreid logo

METAL AS RELIGION: And what about playing with avant-garde metal heads SOLEFALD?

We’re looking forward to that indeed! Solefald is another band I have great respect for, and we’ve known them for some time (our paths have crossed now and then)

If everything starts off well we might see some late night-caps in the lounge after the shows I guess [Smiles]

METAL AS RELIGION: Are you looking forward to playing the niflheim-festival in Stuttgart, Germany ?

Yes, very much! This is the release-gig for “Welcome Farewell” in Europe as well, and we hope to see as many Vreid-heads as possible there!

METAL AS RELIGION: Are you looking forward to playing in London – Thursday, April 4, 2013 at The Barfly?

London is always great, and has always been good for us. The recent show at The Underworld was special, we brought our best friends Vegard Bakken [Vocals on “Hengebjørki”]  & Ese and did some special songs as well.

I’ve never visited Barfly before, but I know it’s a bit smaller than The Underworld, so the place will hopefully be packed!

METAL AS RELIGION: Your incredible industrious energy, and constant tour planning, sets the bar very high … how do you manage to maintain such a fierce work rate?

We’re privileged to have the opportunity to travel the world and performing our music. I guess this is some of what’s driving us –  apart from the album releases. We’re always producing new stuff, and have been working on new material parallel to the touring. No rest for the weak!!

METAL AS RELIGION: We know that you’re mega-busy – but when will it be time for you to tour in America (and beyond) ?

We’re working on that yes, We love to tour America! Hopefully we can announce that in the near future!

Thank you,  Vreid

© Neil Mach Feb 2013



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