SACRED MOTHER TONGUE Out of The Darkness Sampler

Sacred Mother Tongue is a 4-piece British metal band from Northampton initially formed in 2004. The current line up (since 2008) consists of Darrin South (Vocals), Andy James (Guitar), Josh Gurner (Bass) and Lee Newell (Drums).

Their album “Out Of The Darkness” is to be released 15 April 2013 via EMI Label Services and Transcend Records.

Our Holy Pontificate here at Metal as Religion had an early listen.  Here’s what we thought:

Sacred Mother Tongue short


Demons’ opens with one of the best harmonic riffs you’ve heard in a long time. And squat drums that will make you wince with pain. As the pace rattles along, you realize that Darrin can really sing. Yes, there is expertise here in every breath and every sinew.

Seven’ has a low growling bass and a flinty rhythm, as a jealous rage of gusting guitars flurry and squirm against the litter-bed backdrop. Then a swirling pattern of light shoots high into the sky. Darrin’s huge voice blazes and blossoms forth. The budding arrangement creates a spinning vortex of power. The boiling guitars continually froth and fume, as the guttural and manly voice evokes the spirit of the lost world. This is idealistic, vicious and angry. Yet extremely satisfying.

‘A Light Will Shine’ is a shining box of imagery.The full throttle voice moans and sways against the riff – and this is expertly and beautifully bolted together. Suddenly, an anguished cry from Andy, on guitar, screams out across the waste-land. And that is what this is all about. The leading of the light.

— © Neil Mach March 2013–







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