TRIAXIS Black Trinity

The official music video to the single ‘Black Trinity‘ from the album ‘Rage and Retribution‘ has been released.

Rage and Retribution is out NOW on Rocksector Records

Triaxis rage and retribition

The Metal as Religion Quirinal Conclave met in secret and listened to Black Trinity.

Here’s what we thought:

Unbridled passion – flaming lips of scorching guitar power – and incredible operatic vocals. Yep! This is what Triaxis is all about.

This fantastical dragon-ride of a song is is as hectic and as oblique as slanting down a slalom track in a gemstone rich ‘Lion Cave’.

The lustre of those guitars will fascinate and inspire you.

But it is the “You reap what you sow…” mantra-like hook – blurting out in agonised triumph – that really grabs your balls.

The cabochons of fervent bass growl menacingly, as the drums tempestuously flurry in their wildfire fury. All in all, this piece is powerful and inspiring.

Playing it again. Right now!

© Neil Mach May  2013


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