LAID8 These Faded Lines

Hailing originally from Israel, Laid8 had struck an emotional nerve in the hearts of rock and metal lovers wherever they played. Combing the land to seek out new ears, the band delivers an uncompromising alternative to female-fronted metal, where singing is melodic and dramatic, aggressive and emotional, music is grooving and clever; and when played on-stage it’s just plain awesome!

Following the release of the band’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘These Faded Lines’ the band reached a certain glass ceiling back home. After playing festivals and headlining sell-out shows throughout the country, the band members decided a change of scenery is needed in order to reach bigger audience.

Now based in London, UK, Laid8 are playing venues like the Dublin Castle and the famous Barfly in Camden, gathering more listeners and followers to their already extended fan base.

These Faded Lines was released in September 2012. The Metal as Religion Pontificium Consilium took a listen. Here is what we thought:

Laid8 short

The album starts off with ‘Your Mistakes’ which is a fizzing moped-ride of bumblebee buzz and trembling static. Set within this bark of  humming noise and clamor, is a female voice – in a petticoat – struggle to get out. And she is talking about making love to “Your sadness…” Unusual wallowing chords paddle along, with some creative rhythmic changes adding quality dimensional shifts to the overall feel. Likewise, the vocals are also progressive in nature – slightly mind bending in range – and become unhinged at times. This is a track of success and extraordinary quality.

Darker Than My Night’ has a scratchy start and a bluster of exuberant drums. The stuttering riffs giggle together. The voice of Tal limps inside and then breaks down under pressure. This track squalls more than it shines. But it is filthy and bloodthirsty. It also has a great line: “Let us pray that God still cares!”

Corner of the Evening Sky’ has some grotesquely carved and hollowed out chords that grab the innards and pull ‘em tight. The ratty drums play around on the worn surfaces like rodents scurrying on the tiles. The voice is sharp and astringent on this song.

Then ‘Flush’ comes along. It is spookily prog-metal in flavor. It is a solid solution that combines different elements – progressive rock, grunge and metal. The voice here is powerful and bold. The “I will flush you down..” hook is immediately pleasing and totally harmful to your weakened mental state. If you are going to try just one track from Laid8 – please give this a go.

Hopelost’ is hypnotically weird and confusing in it’s intentions. It incorporates some blotted and black chords, but also has a jazzy bounce to it … and that is not altogether welcome. Still, it is a valiant effort and something different for your ear to digest. And your heart to consider. And the chorus is hot and bubbly – with a liquid guitar solo that goes some way to addressing the problems of the earlier jazz vibe – and takes the piece to a new level of ‘classic rock’.

The last new track on the album (there are four re mastered older songs) is the slightly reminiscent ‘Before Your Choose’. This puts the spotlight firmly on Tal Itay and her vocals. The voice is astonishingly pure and clean. It moonshines out at you, spectacularly illuminating the cracked and jagged path you take through life.

Give this band a listen if you want to enjoy some enticing vocals, evil riffs, breathtaking bass work and monumental drumming. But beware, they are a little bit curious – and a little bit different. Push the preconceived notions to one side, though, and you can enjoy them. Honestly, you should have a good time.

© Neil Mach May  2013


Next event: Thursday, 23 May 2013 at The London Water rats



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