AMON AMARTH: Final Segment 3 Of Mini Documentary Revealed

The final segment of Amon Amarth’s’ Forging Mjölnir mini documentary premieres this week!

The intimate three-part account comes in celebration of their forthcoming new studio offering, ‘Deceiver of the Gods’, set for worldwide release later this month. Directed by Luke Daley , the striking black and white film offers candid commentary with each member on a host of subjects.

AMON AMARTH shortHaving blasted onto the Swedish melodic death metal scene with 1998’s Once Sent from the Golden Hall, every Amon Amarth album has arrived bursting at the seams with power, melody and immersive storytelling – centered around the richness of Norse mythology. Deceiver of the Gods captures the quintet at the peak of their powers.

Their ninth epic was recorded at Backstage Studios in Derbyshire, UK and produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap, a man whose resumé includes seminal albums from the likes of Cathedral, Arch Enemy, and Cradle Of Filth.

Vocalist Johan Hegg explains, “We wanted more of a live feeling to the recording and we felt that Andy’s style of producing could definitely help us with that. At the same time, knowing the records he worked on previously we felt he could probably help develop our sound so it became a little bit more angry and dangerous, without that polished sheen of our recent records.”

Deceiver of the Gods boasts another exceptional Tom Thiel-created cover depicting a mythical battle between the Norse Gods Loki and Thor.  As an added bonus, Messiah Marcolin (Candlemass) makes an appearance as guest vocalist on eighth track, “Hel.”

Deceiver of the Gods will be released in North America via Metal Blade Records June 24th.

You can check out the Mini Documentary here:

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