ACOLYTE Charybdis

Acolyte are an extreme metal band from Manchester interested in creating some harsh blackened grooves with a melodic slant. Inspired by bands such as Ved Buens Ende, Enslaved and Deathspell Omega – the band was started in summer 2008 by the founding member Malekh and his good friend and musical kindred JT.

Their debut album ‘Alta’ (released via Mordgrimm Records) is available now. We listened to their song   “Charybdis” taken from the stunning new album:

Acolyte - Charybdis short

A Charybdis was a swirling sea monster – a whining and blubbery thing – she was once a beautiful nymph. But she changed into a beast of mythology.  As a monster, she put the lives of sailors at daily risk.

In the Acolyte song of the same name, the guttural gravel of JT’s vocals oozes out like the same type of pelagic salamander that became of Charybdis. A fire-breathing fury of muddy mucus and exaggerated bladderwrack.

The vocal dirge, and the scuttling inky bass, walk along together crabbily. They are accompanied by a cordite mix of guitars and harpooning drums.The riff comes at you in small waves of fire – like spirits possessed – until they become satiated by their own immensity.

Then the treacherously contaminated bass-notes acquire a strange beauty of their own. They rise and yawn – in splendid wonder – before an introspective moment of calm.

After this, a searing guitar tears apart the jaws of the song – to reveal the most intimate blood- soaked ventricles laying within. It is at this point that the voice becomes even darker, as it forms a dense cloud of ashing basalt – which twists in torment – to wrap itself around the final rock ‘n’ roll rhythms of the piece. Extraordinary.

© Neil Mach June 2013


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