ACT Fratricidal Quarrel

ACT was formed in 2012 as creative collaboration between Kaan Dincer, Harun Icli, Umut Icli, Emin Koklu and Kemal Payzin. Most of the material for the debut album was composed throughout the  2012 summer and by end of summer 2012 a full pre-production consisting of 12 tracks was recorded. The album ‘Worlds a Stage’ will be available soon. Check the teaser video [below]

A single from the album – Fratricidal Quarrel – has been released. We had a listen:

ACT shortFratricidal fights have taken place since the Book of Genesis, but for us the term alludes to civil war and all its horrible consequences. Think of Syria.

The song is set against a giant bush of barbed strings and a fervent beat. Then a vast and majestic cloud of sounds blasts open the chasms of the song – and the chorus blooms up like a mushroom cloud in the twilight.

The vocals are tarred and angry – they spit and smoke – and incessantly tirade. Then comes a quiet passage … but you are always ready for the re-match …  when the fire and sword – decorated with the fury of music –  comes back to you the harry you once more.

Guitars are pin-point accurate and are hotter and more dangerous than Tugarin’s fiery serpents.

Just like war that is ‘civil’ – the song comes on to you – to bite the hand of the brother. To kill the one nearest to it.  It is an intense piece,  moody and magnificent.

An eloquent work of dark despair.

© Neil Mach June 2013


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