Walkways Safe In Sound

Formed in 2010 in Israel, Walkways is a band driven with a goal to keep sane and evolve into more humane and moral people…  while writing their music – the soundtrack of the highs and falls of their lives.

After 2 years of intense work and the release of 3 singles (including a cover for Adele’s Skyfall that has received massive exposure on the internet) the debut record “Safe In Sound” is now ready for the world.

The record, mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren of Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Soilwork, Katatonia) displays a wide array of songs, each sounding different than the other.

The Metal as Religion Pontificium Consilium took a listen. Here is what we thought:

Walkways smallAfter a gush, ‘Blood Into Water’ ripples and coagulates into view. The gooey consistency of the fluid sounds in this piece are as sticky as blood on the soles. The vocals can deliver a feverish snarling bite at times;  But they are also clear and absorbent in their eloquence. The clever lyrics provide enlightening anagramatic sentences. This is a glamorous, moody and expressive piece.

All Lies’ is a fluster of throwing star shapes and awkward rhythms. Expressively simmering vocals boil and bluster over the underlying chaos. Then, gently, spears of painfully spiked rhythms begin. ‘Endless I’ slips out, like a sled on a frozen ice-sheet. This song is effusive and capricious. Sometimes, the sounds groan in pain and uncontrollable, withered contortion. With the buzzing bass creating a damning space between the vast coldness and the voices. At other times this song reaches plateaus of holy array. It is a progressive song. Endlessly fascinating and engaging in depth and concentration.

Towards The Light’ skids along with a scurrilous and greasy riff that infects the recesses of your mind. The vocals on this track are amazingly creative – full of high energy peaks. This work is very reminiscent of Dream Theater.

Then ‘Thoughts’ arrives. It’s just kinda weird. Imagine Serj Tankian had been taken hostage by Jeff Lynne to get some idea of the sounds on display here.

Sweet Medicine’ grinds your gnashers down with its sweet toothed beat and see-sawing vocals. It’s quick minded and generous of spirit – and it reminded us of Avenged Sevenfold. Then ‘Skin Deep’ has that infectious, moody start. It steps gracefully along, with munificent lyrics that push themselves forward from the luxuriant fibres found within the very depths of the song. The “Nothing gets to me…” chorus gradually peaks and glows. It mushrooms into something grandly impressive. Yet the song continues to cradle a deep sense of regret and despair. It is a stunning track.

The album concludes with ‘Staring Through Closed Blinds’ – and some discordant sounds that drift towards the uncertain finality.

The songs on this album are enjoyable, expressive, thoughtful and very cleverly written. This is a totally absorbing labour of love. Masterfully produced and efficiently performed.The tracks harness together a wide range of emotions and feelings. Totally recommended.

© Neil Mach July 2013



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