The Kix – Raised on Rock & Roll

Temperatures were already running high at this weekend’s simmeringly hot Rock & Bike Fest at the superb Carnfield Hall venue in Carnfield Hill, South Normanton.  That was even before The Kix – a female 3 piece rock band from South Wales – came to the stage in their see-through stockinet shirts and unfeasibly tight jeans – to play a truly scrumptious rock ‘n’ roll set.

Formed in the summer of 2008 by sisters Sam and Charlotte Bolderson, the girls – (now including Harriet Wadeson on bass guitar) grew up with a passion for classic rock and a fervent desire to play live music from an early age. Influenced by artists such as AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett – they have also released plenty of their own fresh and zippy original material.

The Kix at Rock & Bike Fest Images: © Neil Mach July 2013

The Kix at Rock & Bike Fest
Images: © Neil Mach July 2013

We enjoyed ‘Bring the Thunder’ which was as crisp as a freshly starched shirt and as sharp as daggers. It had riveting riffs and rhythm in bulk, with a boogie-beat chorus (reminding us of Quo) that made us smile as we danced.

And, of course – they played some superlative covers – such as “Devil Gate Drive” (Suzi Quatro) which were lapped up by the crowd.

The Kix are hard ‘n’ heavy (like Halestorm), but with the the cute voice of Sam (very reminiscent of Susanna Hoffs – Bangles) the overall sound is slightly lighter – a little more poppy. But it is still as sticky and as sinful as a sleazy night spent in a downtown jook joint.

Go on, enjoy.

© Neil Mach July 2013





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