Bleed From Within Live at Redfest

British deathcore band ‘ Bleed From Within ‘ was formed in Glasgow in 2005. After earning their licentiate nobly – by ardently covering Lamb Of God songs – the band went on to support Sylosis and While She Sleeps on UK tours.

In March 2013, the band completed a major European tour supporting Testament. They also released their third studio album titled ‘Uprising’ – issued on Century Media.

The METAL AS RELIGION Scriba Pontificus saw the band perform at Redfest 2013 on the Hype stage. What a show!

Colony’ from “Uprising” has a long hammering, rolling, molding beat. The vocal continued to draw breath – before spreading itself out into the unholy universe. When the voice expanded – it sent shivers down our spines. The “Hey Hey Hey” call out was a rapid call to arms. Then the strong repulsive forces of voice -versus- clawing guitar began to cause a terrible tension. But the result of all of this effort was to shine the spotlight on the flaws of our race. Mind-altering stuff!


It Lives In Me’ grumbled and writhed like a coiling Na-ga monster. The sounds of this song were bass-heavy and moaning. They wallowed like a ship in distress on a black sea. The stench of rotting flesh abiding within this piece still linger inside with us.

All the blood, sweat and tears laid out in ‘The Novelist’ made us shudder with mortal fear. This was the darkest moment of the show. The “empty” spaces between the angry vocals and the guitars were filled with rim-fire percussion and the light of the stars. The momentum of this song was really extraordinary.

I Am Oblivion’ started slowly. A few drops of acid rain. And then some mushroom clouds of guitar from ‘Goonzi’ Gowans & Martyn Evans. The sounds seemed to effervesce and crinkle. Stepping out deliberately, the vocalist – like a hungry beast on a feast-prowl – pounced across the stage. He was, indeed the very essence of “The monster [we] fear…” Gradually, as the song grew in our hearts – we reached the point of torque. And when that happened, a giant fissure was created – and the sound and the fury was unleashed.

Imagine being bombarded by swarms of bat wings and hawk moths. Then to be thrown headlong into a pit of saber-toothed tigers. That’s what experiencing ‘ Leech ‘ was like. It was a dressing down – and also a bottling-up. It was a suitable chastisement and also an important pep talk. “We are the ones still standing” screamed Scott Kennedy. And there was reason for that. It’s because – together – we were stronger. We will deform and mutilate under the tensile stress of living this life … unless we hold strong. The shimmering guitar – when it came – seared a permanent scar onto our inner eyes. It made us wince. And remember.

Uprising’ had a bunch of electrically charged – deformed – riffs. These buzzed splendidly around the super-heated cortex of the song. Then the hyperelastic vocal flowed forth like molten titanium – oozing wet and seeping into our open wounds and most holy places. This was the ideal song. Catchy enough to shout along to. Grand enough to sacrifice ourselves for. And constant enough to gather up new disciples.

Bless Bleed From Within.


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