Desolated Suffering

Southampton’s four-piece ‘Desolated’ have released their ‘Suffering’ video taken from “Disorder Of Mind” – available now.

Directed by Suffolk based video-director Tom J Cronin – the video has already been causing some excitement and racked up over 16,000 hits.

Our Scriba Pontificus had a listen.  Here’s what we thought:

Desolated small

From the very beginning – this song fries your peripheral nerves. The driving beat – along with the hostile voice – immediately punishes the central nervous system … as it clangs down the spine. Causing maximum damage to your gangling ligaments.

The glottal voice of Paul is as disturbing as a flowing river of darkness – the torment is vividly realized.  Guitars (by Rich) moan and pull – as if they are somehow trying to escape from the clutches of a demented beast of prey … but the riff bubbles up horribly early and takes shape.

Then the pace quickens, and the impulsive nature of the voice hurries along. The beating of drums (by Mitch) is rich and retaliatory and – at around the 1:20 mark – the rhythms suddenly burst out like a malevolent carrion crow …  flapping and scratching in their emotional pain.

The “Suffering – release the pain...” voice can be brutal. But it is also a useful tool to relieve the bitter tension. The chant will certainly be taken up by the crowd. The low yawning bass (from Dan) together with deepest of chords, then start to create an empty cavern of hollow bitterness. The pain is almost unbearable.

And with the line: “My life is finally over …” The image of brutally is finally put to rest.

This is disturbing, exciting and highly motivated. Go check it out.

– © Neil_Mach August 2013 –




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