BORDERLINE:Fire Chains Video

Five piece Borderline:FIRE are one of Reading’s fastest growing rock bands.

Formed in 2010, they quickly established themselves as exciting artists with a very unique sound. They combine heavy and fierce heavy rock with commercially viable and very catchy melodies.

Borderline FIRE shortThey are sure to get even bigger and bolder in the coming months and have already promised a full album in 2014. This year is something of a launching pad for the band – who are about to release their highly anticipated 6 track EP ‘This Trojan State’ on 23rd September.

Our Oculus Commentarias here at Metal As Religion took a look at their new video “Chains”.  Here’s what he thought:

This song blasts away the cobwebs from your eyes right from the opening moments. Sweeping synth sounds shimmer and rise. And there is an attractive – but ridiculously low – yawn of buzzing bass sounds. These thickly predominate the underlying framework of the song. Leading to a climate of anxiety and tension.

Dressed as roguish Sixth Form prefects, the band members slink around the various scenes in the vid looking for trouble. Jamie says that he is  “Always blinded by [my] problems…” His mop of black hair flopping malevolently over his eyes to disguise what truth there is.

Undeniably catchy and full of raw quality and astute musicianship, this is a song about unguarded secrets and untold menace. You will play it over-and-over.

– © Neil_Mach August 2013 –


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