AETERNUM VALE Smash The Pillars

Irish Melodic Black Metal band Aeternum Vale have released the first track from their upcoming album – ‘Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges’ for a free listen on Soundcloud.

Our own noble Scriba Pontificus here at METAL AS RELIGION had a listen to the new track: “Smash The Pillars”.  He had this to say:

Aeternum Vale short


A reverberating guitar quaffs too much rancid spirit – before fizzing out in a spiral of inhuman majesty. And so the sounds spin out their yarns of barbed regret.  

The vocal is fierce – yet lonely- and the riffs playfully register surprise as the pace quickens.

Then a flaming tendril of passionately repeated guitar-cries throws up a bitter peel.

The unceasing majesty and smoky nobility continues right until the rhythm drops. And then this becomes a pounder and a grinder.

Pure nefarious magic.  Go look it up.

– © Neil_Mach September 2013 –





  1. Up there with Wound Upon Wound. Two incredible Black Metal acts. Both should be playing the bigger festivals next Summer. Incredible stuff! This track is as sound as anything I have ever heard in this genre of music. Some way be better in certain ways, but this just grabs you, and will not let go! Any song that can do that…..

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