JINJER Inhale Don’t Breathe

JINJER is a new female-fronted metal band from Ukraine featuring the vocals of Tatiana Shmaylyuk.

Founded in 2009, Tatiana took over duties from Max Fatullaev (who left the band in 2010.) The band have now released their second EP titled “Inhale, Don’t Breathe” on The Leaders Records.

Our Scriba Pontificus had a listen.  Here’s what he thought:

Jinjer small

The album kicks off with ‘Until the End’ (released in June as a video) – and this has a pattering beat as low guttural guitars wheeze and fume – and that sad/glad clean/dirty voice of Tatiana that will threaten to destroy your nervous system in a single session. The flurry of accompanying guitars is fragile and bittersweet, and the low notes rumble out like an invertebrate caught in a windpipe.

Waltz’ is pasty and shy at first. Like a corpse bride rising from the dirt. Then a reticent strum starts things off – and a swinger-friendly euro song breaks out … somewhat cheerfully. At this point, you will conclude that this song will be a warm and audience-friendly hummer.  But the bitch ain’t started yet… Next, the dragon-wings unfurl and fires of rage spew out from her vocal chords … Yes she is truly capable of revealing two distinctly different entities at once. Creepy but, ultimately, immensely satisfying.

Then ‘Scissors’ cuts through the red tape to provide a scurry of malfeasance and corruption – causing such intense vibration that you think you that you might have caught the plague. ‘Exposed As a Liar’ is just as fast and just as fruitful. The stinging hairs, that bristle out from the barbed guitars in this song, sting and ensnare. The pace is a bit awkward at first – with a radiant voice centre-most. But some maladapted guitars soon suck up the angelic radiance.

My lost Chance’ is tough and ruffled. The goldilocks voice is set against a clear fizz of guitars and metallic drums. The disc also comes with the ‘Hypocrites and Critics’ single as a bonus. The ridges of the fire-fumed utterances are contrasted indelibly against the brilliantly clear & utterly divine female vocals. But soon enough, like an unexpected disease, this song – like the songs before it – takes a turn. The guitars become deeply eviscerated and a thundering bass-line foreshadows serious injury to the ears. This is a magnificently moody piece of dark theatre.

Jinjer are a welcome addition to the popular female fronted metal genre. With a darkness and a formidably surprising quality about them. And they have really discovered a hero protagonist in Tatiana. She is, absolutely, one of the most enigmatic and powerful metal singers around.

– © Neil_Mach September 2013 –




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