SOLITARY The Ripper Knows The Score

Solitary are a four piece crossover Thrash/Death metal band from Preston, Lancashire. Founded in 1994 reviews of the time compared Solitary to the likes of Fear Factory, Machine Head and Pantera.

solitary shortIn 2013 Solitary were asked to play two shows with Thrash metal legends Xentrix, given the strong links between the bands it was fitting that they were involved when Xentrix reunited. Following the success of these shows the band were invited play with Xentrix again on the Headbangers Balls tour for the teenage cancer trust which resulted in them hooking up with Intune PR. Solitary are also Headlining Hellfest UK in September before playing Dragonfest IV in Bradford

UK Trash Metal band Solitary are about to launch a new website and to celebrate they have put together a compilation album called ‘The Ripper Knows The Score

This album is being offered to any fans that sign up to the bands new fan base THE UNIDENTIFIED.

The Ripper Knows the Score’ is made up of ten tracks taken from their previous releases Nothing Changes (2004) and Requiem (2008). Five tracks feature off each album.

The Ripper Knows The Score’ is being offered as a free download to any fans that sign up to the SOLITARY mailing list and in turn they become one of The Unidentified. The Unidentified are the hard-core fans of Solitary, the life blood of the group. Everyone that signs up will not only get the album but they will receive news and updates as well as fan only competitions.






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