IN SOLITUDE Album Release

Sweden’s IN SOLITUDE have announced their third album: “Sister”. The album will be released next Monday, September 30th, via Metal Blade in the UK.

The title track from “Sister” is streaming right now on where fans can also pre-order the CD (also as a limited boxset including album, flag, metal pin and button), jewelcase-cd and t-shirt bundle, vinyl, as well as a digital copy via iTunes.

InSolitude-300x250IN SOLITUDE vocalist Pelle Åhman had this to say:

“It’s time to release our third album, and things have never felt this clear and pervasive before. This is a feeling that has permeated our whole lives during the latest year of writing and recording this album, as well as digesting and dealing with its consequences. And it has been wonderful, overwhelming and utterly devastating. Which, in the world of In Solitude, are very positive things, and exactly what was required.”

“It is a very special album for us, and I am very thankful and proud of my brothers (including our great friend, and producer, Martin Konie Ehrencrona), for this is truly the most visceral music we’ve ever made, and we can’t wait for you to experience it too.”

“You come without. And all falls within. There is a light in the world. There is a stone to the head.”

Our Scriba Pontificus listened to the streamed ‘Sister’ track and said this:

“Sister” is a rampant startler of a song.  It has a wrinkled skin of guitars and vowels-  and these fumble like cankered Proteus-beasts stranded on the cracking rocks.  The pace slows in the headwind – and the song becomes a knuckle-churning blisterer.

The voice rises and writhes like a giant oarfish cresting the acid waves.  A noticeably metal guitar then licks and spumes away. It isolates the passing pace and sets your ears alight with its sheer intensity.

The whole movement moves up a notch after this. As a classic piece – it grows in size and power.

– © Neil_Mach September 2013 –


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