RSJ New Single and Tour Dates

Luvvable duffers RSJ – those crazy hardcore Yorkists – who possess nerves of steel and can generate enough kinetic energy during a live show to set off all of the world’s long-range weapons sensors – have now announced a new single ‘Nice Day Out’ out October 28th.

This will support their album ‘Higgs Boson’ to be released on November 11.

RSJ  Neil Mach April 2013Our Scriba Pontificus had a listen.  Here’s what he thought:

Nice Day Out’ is a fervid, flickering gleam of a song. A frazzled bedazzler. After the searing start, a thumping breakdown introduces a skull-dumbing whack over-the-head (courtesy of Greg Parsons on drums) – with a super-heated kick-start on bass ( Matthew Gamblin.)

Then the intensity really starts. A foaming snarl of furious guitars – with agonized vocals from Dan Cook – pounces directly into your path like a fevered stampede of timber wolves. Things only stop when a rigid riff comes in (‘Guff’ Thomas with Dan Kentley) and the guys start using this euthanstic pow-pow rhythm to knock us into subconscious – yet sublime – oblivion. Things seem to go even heavier then – the head-banging begins – and all of the rawest energy bleeds freely.

These fellas squeeze out hard-balled talent from their every pore. Without a doubt, RSJ are overburdened with passion – from the whippety locks of their hairy fringes – to the sharpest points on their crusty talons. So get in the game and take this in. Because it can’t get any more exciting.

– © Neil_Mach September 2013 –


Following recent superb performances at Bloodstock and Hammerfest, RSJ are pleased to celebrate the launch of their album with the news that they have been confirmed as Special Guests on the forthcoming ‘American Head Charge’ tour:

Wednesday 13th The Haunt, Brighton

Thursday 14th Garage, London, UK

Friday 15th Legends, Newcastle, UK

Sat 16th Audio, Glasgow, UK

Sun 17th Sound Control, Manchester, UK

Mon 18th Scholar Bar/Academy 2, Leicester, UK

Tue 19th The Fleece, Bristol, UK

Wed 20th Bogiez, Cardiff, UK

Thu 21st White Rabbit, Plymouth, UK

Fri 22nd Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes, UK

Sat 23rd Roxx, Southampton, UK

Sun 24th The Met, Peterborough, UK

The band are also supporting Savage Messiah on the following dates:

October 29th Manchester Sound Control,

30th October York Fibbers,

31st October Birmingham The Temple

1st November London Borderline




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