RSJ Higgs Boson

RSJ are a penetrating five piece hardcore metal band hailing from York, United Kingdom. They have been resolutely performing their growling and brutally energetic live shows around the country since 2007. They have now triumphantly released their tireless new album “Higgs Boson” to general acclaim.

If you like your metal ferociously fast – and subversively unbalanced – (think Sepultura and Pantera) you’ll relish this. RSJ retain a delightful sense of humour throughout the whole process, and they really do possess the natural talent – combined with intense self-confidence – that means that they can pull it all of with aplomb and integrity. Trust us, this is incredible!

DSC_0904So we start the 9-song album with “His Name Is Robert Paulson” (Paulson, if you recall, is the bitch-titted character played by Meat Loaf in ‘Fight Club’) and a stuttering thrash of drums with dashing guitars that will pull you into the darkness like a whore in a doorway. A glossy guitar hooks at you and shines a while in the second stanza – then the super-fast strumming intensifies its effort – as all the sounds arc towards an unwavering release of divine proportions right at the end. The vocals are constantly changing – from frown to growl – from inhuman scream to intense sigh. It is a brutal track, but not abrupt. It will shake you from the insides – like the most powerful storm you can imagine. It’ll make you cry for the pain when it’s all over. It’s dazzling and omnipotent.

Hopefully you’ve already seen the video for ‘Collectively We Are Tall’ which is the piss-take of a certain ‘Eric Prydz’ classic film. If you haven’t – shame on you! This fizzed up piece hollers, jumps and vibrates like a prissy girl with a honey-pot of ants up her coochie. It’s incredibly fast and, actually, totally relevant. Because, when we act collectively, we can stand up to anything. And when the amazing ending comes at you … you will sink to the floor in appreciation. It’s that good!

It’s dangerous. ‘Running With Scissors’. The drums in this piece grind, flash, flap and blaze like flailing rigging ropes on a stormy sea – never windlassed or tied back. Greg Parsons (drummer) is the ultimate brawler – he never sits still. Always fighting to hold back the waves of power. The guitars do their thing too … and the speed and the intensity of the bass ( Matthew Gamblin ) is stunning … the vocals are stretched tighter than a lap-dancers dollar-thong as well … but ultimately this is a drum-fest of impressive proportions.

Higgs Boson album coverThen we have the title track “Higgs Boson.” After the voice-over we get a burnt, exhausted and reflective thud. A roar of power – like a huge generator that has just been turned on – gradually warms us up.

And then we’re ready for ‘Cataract‘ with it’s crisp sounds, and the stoned and hammered & pleading vocals “Where are we now / Recognition…” This seems to be about being able to see yourself in a true light.

After a pilot light of sounds gradually fades out on ‘I Did Not Die’ – the thumping and relentless pace bounds in. The voice crackles and sneers – and the guitars are piercing and architectural – they stand out firm – like a rigid structure for the sounds to grow within. This is a substantial piece – a metal construct of industrial strength zinc and spelter.

Guff Says Relax’ (‘Guff’ Thomas plays guitar and provides backing vocals) is a quiet place in a storm . Before the ravenous new single ‘Nice Day Out’ rages in.

Then finally we reach ‘Oceans’ which immediately slaps you in the face with leather wings of percussion and some slashing guitars. The acidic voice is almost soured by all the drama of that energetic accompaniment. Then the final collapse comes as a blessed release. Grab your beer. Throw your head forward. And stamp out the wild oppression.

You will need to stand yourself in the middle of the mosh-pit (even if you’re listening to this at home) to join in with the carnival of carnage. So get in!

– © Neil_Mach October 2013 –

RSJ will be on tour with American Head Charge this November check dates here for details of a show near you.

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