Evilyn blend the darker side of Alternative Rock with Heavy Metal riffs, hard hitting drums, synth interludes and ambient vocals to create a sound unlike most others on the scene.

London-based Evilyn have shared the stage with bands such as Fearless Vampire Killers, ESO, Evarose, Trails, My Extraordinary etc.

The band have recently released NEW single ‘The Fire’ – our Scriba Pontificus had a listen:

Evilyn The FireAccording to some physicists we all emerged from a giant spark – the whole universe came alive in an amazingly powerful flash of radiant light. That’s what this song’s about … the bright starlight radiance we all come from – and we will all go to.

The synth line moves moodily like a skulking murderess across a dark moor. Then the vocal parts take their turns – to step cautiously in … to take centre stage. The song shines like moonstone – and then the brilliant guitars – like burnished steel – spread angel wings and ascend.

The sentiment is questioning “ Were we ever raised to survive? “ Yet, the song is full of clarity and sincerity that goes way beyond idle & morose speculation.

The song gradually rises – as bright as the pole-star – and acts as a guiding beacon for all those who would seek forgiveness.

This is a truly superb track by masterful musicians. With a story to tell. And the ability to tell it.

– © Neil_Mach November 2013 –



The New single “The Fire” available for download at:


  1. This is a terrible review. I am a general user of this website and usually the reviews are accurate and I can find new bands. Neil March must have the brain of a dodo bird to actually say this “superb”. There is no complexity in the music and the singers voice does not stop droning on and on – it is clearly monotone. I would recommenced this to any Gothic-styled wannabe, but not to a fan-base of musicians who can really appreciate music for what its worth.

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