Paladins are a 5 piece alternative-rock band from West London, formed in late 2012.

Their stunning debut EP ‘Prologue’ is now available.

We have been listening to their newly released pop-punk track “1992

Here’s what our Scriba Pontificus thought:

Paladins shortAhh! 1992. The end of the Cold War – the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and the year Miley Cyrus was born.  It’s all coming back…

A profusion of explosive guitars sparkle like heaven when they heave into view.

A passionate voice (new singer Jimmy Balch) is calm and resolute – it shines against the ropes of the song – and is and emblazoned by the coy percussive ripples.

This song has a great melody and a real verve to it.

We expect lots more great things to come from Paladins. Check ’em out…

– © Neil_Mach November 2013 –




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