Kix Lady Luck Review

Formed in the summer of 2008 by sisters Sam and Charlotte Bolderson, The Kix (now including Harriet Wadeson on bass guitar) grew up with a passion for classic rock and a fervent desire to play live music from an early age. Influenced by artists such as AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett – they have released plenty of their own fresh and zippy original material. Their set at this year’s Highway To Hell at Glasgow featured an incredibly enthusiastic Queen montage that had everyone in the audience hollering along.

The have now released their superlative new EP ‘Lady Luck’ … we had a listen:


With a liquid and squelching guitar ‘Bring the Thunder’ sprints in on this vivacious new EP like a chased gazelle. Drums are flint-sharp and the vocals are fierce as a panther. The chorus is a wonder – “Woah! We’ll bring the thunder….” The riff has a certain Quo-ness about it (circa ‘73.) It’s a greaser’s delight.

Right on Cue’ is an exhausting song – with a thoroughly punchy beat,  distinctive vocals and leathery bass notes. When the three girls harmonize … it’s a real treat. This is cheekily fundamental and thoroughly addictive.

Title track ‘Lady Luck’ is heavier and fustier. Black grizzled guitars decay and moan – while the highly prospective voices launch themselves high above the inky sounds. This is an accomplished track – a highly volatile mix of corrupting guitars and toxic rhythms.

Play With Fire’ is a single-cylinder – speed-freak – slice of rock ‘n’ roll heaven … laden with female anger and a ‘no can do’ attitude. Then we get the call to go “Back to My Place”. The downward spiral of blues and boogie rhythms is totally hypnotic. Sam almost spits out the lyrics, as chords smoulder dangerously beneath.

DSC_0152The EP finishes with ‘Had It All’ which is a complex piece – scurrilous guitars burn like hazardous materials on the griddle – while high altitude vocals seem bleached by exposure to light.The swaying chorus will be an enormous joy at live shows. What a way to clinch a great little mini-album.

Well done girls . This is an ace!

– © Neil_Mach December 2013 –






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