Hammerfest 6 (Book of the Dead) on 13th/16th March 2014 at Hafan Y Môr Holiday Park, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, North Wales boasts an immense line-up including Kreator, Over Kill, Soilwork and Grand Magus.

Here our our early picks – try to fit these bands into your bulging schedules … and you will not be disappointed:

Huron small

1: Huron

Huron formed in Plymouth, UK in 2007 have already built up quite a following – supporting the likes of SKINDRED, ONSLAUGHT, EVILE and VIKING SKULL. After two successful albums, they have now released their praiseworthy third studio album, ‘The Dead Stay Dead

Their epic ‘Eternal Sea’ featuring the hugely talented guest vocals of Melanie Mclaren (for Help for Heroes Official) is a poetic & fluent piece of constant pure quality and ample profundity – with stunning Spanish guitar trills and gravel throated expressionism – imparted with a deeply felt emotional quality. It is – quite simply – an epochal composition of a richness and completeness that will cause your tear-ducts to swell.



2: Maplerun

Four-piece Maplerun have recently been on tour with ‘American Head Charge’ and METAL AS RELIGION favourites ‘RSJ’ – and start 2014 with an early spring European tour supporting Skindred.

Despite the fact that their name reminds you of a golf course on a Mid-Western retirement village for the terminally incontinent  … their songs (such as extremely eloquent ‘Restless’) have scintillating guitars that will fry the sweat from your brow, vindictive yet sincere vocals and quality musicianship.

They weave the embroidery of agile drums,  flaming guitars and melodious voices – into complicated and intelligent compositions. Ones to watch!



Fury for Hammerfest picks


We love FURY from Worcester, UK. They have enough artistic talent to cause a squeal of joy – enough power to bring down the government – and enough musical mastery to make you believe in the ‘second wave’ of British heavy metal. And yet, and yet … they have adorable personalities – a rich sense of humour and a corporate twinkle in their eyes.

Julian Jenkins (lead vocals and guitars) looks like an axe-slaying Viking executioner – yet is warm & cuddly … Jake Beesley (aka Judge Redd) is the flame-haired Scottish one-man freedom fighter who makes the lead guitar sing and growl like a crushed hyena … Martin Trail is probably the best live-bassist we have ever seen – he snakes around the stage like a demented python – his head will only rise when he is about to venomously attack … and Alasdair Davis is the long-legged ‘Ross Noble’ lookalike who has the passion to make the drum-kit flame.

Songs like ‘Burn the Earth’ will make you growl and wilt … with ridiculously fast & tight guitars, hearty vocals and speeding, rattling drums… they accumulate into immensely satisfying constructs – full of abundant creative force and constant surprises.




4: Goldsboro

The members of the LA native power-rock trio Goldsboro have been practicing their chicanery for over a decade.

They’ve released their debut album produced by Noah Shain and they recently had their song “Angels” chosen for the season finale of ‘Sons Of Anarchy.’

Sure, their band-name kinda reminds you of the corny “Honey (I Miss You)” Brylcreemed fok-singer Bobby Goldsboro  … but fortunately their talents as power-metal riff-masters and highly volatile musicians soon make up for any misgivings you might first have had.

Songs like the LizzyGreat White Buffalo’ will knock your socks off – and are so loud that they will damage your retinas and cause permanent damage to the synapses. This is an amazing piece of work.

Totally satisfying and curiously addictive.




5: Collisions

Brighton (UK) band ‘Collisions’ started out in mid 2011 and immediately gained attention with their amazing debut single ‘Once Weary Eyes’.

Their sound combines the ravaged raw power of analogue metal with the conceptual vitality of digital synthesizers and the furious adaptation of drum ‘n’ bass & dubstep notions. Do not turn up your nose until you have experienced it – this is the future. Imagine Skindred meets Pendulum to get an idea of why these guys are generating such excitement.

If you like your rock and prog to have attitude and ballz- then ‘Collisions’ will be right-up-your-street.

Songs like ‘Push’ their second single from the ‘Believe In This’ E.P have thoroughbred power, vast expanses of electronic majesty and rascally vocals that will scintillate your soul and burn your eyelids.




6: Derision

Five-piece twin-guitar conquerors ‘Derision’ from Bolton/Wigan (UK) are already famed for their groovy 1980’s sounding riffs, complex yet rewarding song structures, and immensely powerful modern-thrash attitude.

Vehement outbursts like ‘Predation’ are frantic and angry – with guitars that the flame through the cracks like snake-tongues … and burning, accelerated drums and voices full of passion.

Then, when the guitars rocket upwards – you better watch out – or will you be caught in the conflagration.




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