Bristol (UK) based soulful hard Rockers – BlackWolf – have just been confirmed as guests to the Answer on their March 2014 leg of the ‘Road Less Travelled’ tour.

BlackWolf draw their sound from a multitude of sources, ranging from Led Zeppelin and early Guns N’ Roses through to Black Stone Cherry and even Avenged Sevenfold.

Their self-released album ‘The Hunt’ will be released 2 March 2014 – our noble Scriba Pontificus here at METAL AS RELIGION had a listen:

blackwolf smallLaunching with ‘Mr Maker’ Scott Sharp’s grimacing vocals swivel magnificently around the axle-grease riffs and those thick black slugs of bass.

The melody twists – like a rabid mongoose captured in a tube – and the whole piece swaggers grandly … like the King of Naples on a day -out. This is fine number, historical and celebratory.

Keep Moving On’ has a Thin Lizzy-type sound to it’s marching footstep beat – but then the vocals screech out and you are reminded of early Guns N’ Roses. There is a tasty fringe of scruffy guitars on this track – and penetrating formulations of percussive majesty – and these will make you shake your tail feathers and cause a jig in your heart.

Moving Mountains’ is a squeaky Led Zep sounding blues number. It is as feel-goody sentimental as wearing your trimfit shirt and purple loon pants to “Itchycoo Park” for a love-in. It’s a blues, drugs, rock and sweat song … mixed into one holy tincture. After the lighter affair of ‘Faith in Me’ we get to the tar & graphite number ‘Trouble’ with its hearty vocals and solid shafts of raw guitar light.

House of Emerald Wine’ is an oleaginous and insidious song with perpendicular angles and plenty of cul-de-sac moments. Then we reach ‘Raised on the Sun’ – this has got to be the biker anthem of the summer. It drawls and slathers like a slobbering beast chewing over a killing. It is as sexy as the little black basque worn by the prettiest hooker in the bar – and is played as tightly as a French-maid’s bustier. A stand-out track.

Dragging Ghosts’ has a bass-beat that gnaws into the bones and ‘Sleepwalking’ has a cradle of almost Celtic-sounding guitar-sounds that cup the essence of the piece to create a rich halo of glory around it. But, basically, this is a cowboy hustler song … a dusty road hobo-man rattler.

Sea of Mercy’ completes the album. This is a sizzling, bewildering array of super-hot guitars and frying rhythms – the vocals pan upwards in an ejaculatory fashion – and stride open-armed and with absent-minded confidence into the blinding light of the simmering climax.

Blackwolf, themselves, sum up what they have crafted here: “We’re a rock’n’roll band that knows and feels what the ‘roll’ means…” – Black Wolf (January 2014)

– © Neil_Mach January 20134 –


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