HEIGHTS Eleven Eyes Video

Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, England is famous for its tree-lined spaces, its elegant boulevards, the soft fountains and the fanciful neo-Georgian sensibilities that gently and artfully brought space and greenery into the urban living space in the 1920’s.

More importantly for METAL AS RELIGION readers though – is that it’s home to HEIGHTS. Those famous muscle-bound post-hardcore behemoths – who unequivocally and skillfully transcend the bigoted post-metal and hardcore boundaries set by the closed minds and pigeon-holing attitudes of 21st century musical Luddites.

The band released their debut album ‘Dead Ends’ in June 2011 to huge critical acclaim (it received a KKKKK (5/5) rating by Kerrang! ) – their sophomore album ‘Old Lies For Young Lives’ was released in April 29, 2013.

HEIGHTS smallOur Oculus Commentarias here at Metal As Religion has been studying their ‘Eleven Eyes’ Video feat. Sam Carter (Architects).

Here’s what he thought:

This is replete with slabs of meaty vocal and monumental chunks of concrete guitar – and these sound-chunks are meshed together with a fiercely dark and pungent array of low-notes that twist in ugly, contorted knots around the guttural voice.

Then –  as the light picks up and enters this dark realm – the riffs become whitened and dazzling …

It is only at this stage that we see the truth and anxiety hidden within the depths of this mighty piece.

– © Neil_Mach February 2014 –



HEIGHTS will be appearing at:

redfest total upraWr stage












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