We ‘re just getting news in that Plymouth band Embers of Eden’s EP will be up soon. The disc is titled ‘The Devil’s Lullaby’ and features the distinguishing vocals of “Lexxii” Dumbiotis.

Embers of Eden shortFormed in the summer of 2013, the band’s goals right-from-the-start, was to create music that marries the melodrama of great bands like Nightwish with the rock-heavy sonic landscapes of metal bands like A7X.

The band recently released a metal version of Abba’sGimme Gimme Gimme’ that’s full of spirited, fiery licks, and spattering drums.

The voice of Lexxii is suitably ‘Euro’ – and it snuggles down well into its bed of power metal.

More important, perhaps, is “Bleed”, the first song from ‘The Devil’s Lullaby’ – this has a haunting, gritty start and it weeps low notes that roar like the short sniffs of an aggravated dragon. The main vocal limps like a giant troll in a strop. The pace is eerie and nodding. The sound is not too dissimilar to a smoky version of the winter wonderland sounds of Halestorm.

– © Neil Mach March 2014 –



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