FYRE POWER Hell On Earth

Fyre Power were formed from the ashes of one of Cumbria’s most loved Classic Rock bands, Self Inflicted.

Now they have found their true identity – in the Classic British Metal sound with the addition of new guitarists Sean Hay & Shane Kirk (ex Falling Red) & bolstered with the barricade of Ivan Rena on drums.

We have been listening to their debut EP HELL ON EARTH:

fyre power short

The groan-inducing and wilting power of ‘Burn’ the opening track ‘Hell On Earth’ is immense.  It’s like having your knees melted by a blow torch.

The main vocal from Jimmy Grieves is mature and moody … and the chorus is good chortling fun. This song pounds out its intentions like a lunatic blacksmith with revenge in his heart.

The Devil Has Got Nothing On Me’ has a low dirty beat and a pestilent riff that gnaws into your tendons. The voice is implosive and thoroughly moody – it’s as black as a slanderers heart.

But it’s the regular riff that will keep you clawing at this song right up till the fevered guitars take you by the sweaty hand to lead you into a splendid horizon.

Stranger’ is like a hollowed out kernel of sheer fury. Then the elaborate ‘XXV’ slips inside you like a swooping eagle.

This track is a fast and noxious brew. A huge anthem that will make you smile. See you stomp. Then cause you to rampage.

If you call yourself a classic rock enthusiast and you love Iron Maiden &  Judas Priest then you’re gonna go mad for this!

– © Neil Mach March 2014 –



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