Black Country Metal Fest III

Black Country Metal Fest III at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton

Five piece metalcore act ‘XVII’ from Kidderminster had already played at Wolverhampton’s notoriously splendid Slade Rooms when they supported ‘The Defiled’ back in May 2013. Appetizing, stonking riffs and unabashed cockiness are the name of the game for these guys – it’s all fast, frantic fun. The band also introduced a new drummer to the enthusiastic crowd – it was a great kick-off for a day of almighty monster metal madness.

XVIISome baffled lunchtime “Wulfrunians” strayed in around 3 o’clock-ish – eyes dewed from starring too much into the unexpected sunshine – and as they shakily made their way into the Rooms – past the Midlands Metalheads cake stand – (yeah, I know) – and into the dimly lit main hall … the were hit by the formidable ferocity & extreme brutality brought forth from Nottingham four-piece metal workers ‘Ropewalk’.

Other afternoon delicacies included those rarefied spiffing chaps ‘Gehtika’ and imperturbable groove metal monkeys ‘Left For Red’.

Heavy kicking ‘Failed Futures’ band ‘DripBack’ – from dahn sarth – have been earning their welts on tour with Crowbar this last few weeks, and imaginative black metal quartet ‘Ancient Ascendant’ have recently gigged with Enslaved/Winterfylleth and Hypocrisy and played some cleverly somber and wonderfully crafted masterpieces from their “Echoes and Cinder” (coming soon.)Savage Messiah are about to release new album ‘The Fateful Dark’ – and were well worth a look too.

Ropewalk-1Of course most folk were here at Wolves for those sludge doom maestros ‘Crowbar’ – their puffing inflections of crushing immensity were almost too much to bear …and their musical potions were so wickedly powerful that they hammered the crowd into doleful submission within mere seconds.

The venue was quite a bit more convenient than Bilston’s Robin 2 – but ( to be frank) the place was a bit disjointed … once each band completed their set, the entire audience filed out of the auditorium to relax back in the expansive bar-room areas. We think that the Robin 2 felt a little more – erm – cohesive.  But that’s just us.

However, this was a superb event with the best company you could possibly imagine, in a great place, with some of the most stunning and anxiously fast-paced in bands in Britain. And cheers to all that.

Thanks again to all the team at Midlands Metalheads for organizing such a joyous day out

Now, all together now:

“Conquering, In time I’m Conquering…”

Words & Images: © Neil Mach March 2013


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