Psychedelic bigwigs – those Beds & Bux (UK) based rock ‘n’ roll heavy hitters – ‘Pearl Handled Revolver’ create low-down dirty blues-rock that will make you gasp. And then make you dance.

Now the band has premiered a new track:‘Help Me Down From The Trees’

Peral Handed Revolver the Mountain WaitsOur very own Scriba Pontificus had a listen:

A scurrying beat dashes along a winding path created by sinuous organ-sounds and guitars that intertwine with boldness.

Simon’s voice – when it comes – is depressed and unrefined – grizzled and guttural. In other words … it is just right!

The riffs then pick-up quickly and soon all the sounds are boiling in a cauldron of oily glory.

Guitars firestorm and the drummery is as fast as any brushwood blaze.

This is a long, languid and exotic cocktail of a track … and as dangerous as a lunatic dose of stimulated exertion – on an unusually warm day.

To avoid overheating when listening to this track – may we suggest you consume sufficient quantities of cold beer …

@neilmach © 2014




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