Birmingham (UK) hard rockers FIRE RED EMPRESS have released a lyric video for their simpering hot new release ‘Left Unspoken.’

Taken from their splendid new EP ‘Paint Me The Devil’ – this lead track boasts an impressive arsenal of huge stoner rock riffs, soaring anthems and big hooks that refuse to be ignored..

Fire-Red-Empress shortVocals from Nik Taylor-Stoakes are hirsute and muscular.

They gurgle with a lower throat. They sizzle.

The guitars deliver huge malformed lumps of sound. Delimbed, topped, and bucked.

A vast, clearcut, wallowing mid-section balloons out – allowing ample head-banging and grinding on the dance-floor.

Then all this is dislodged by a shrieking lead guitar that fans the gathering flames.

“Turn… my mistakes to gold…” Yeah. We simply can’t get enough!

@neilmach © 2014







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