From the halls of the Great Earl of Hell, this band brings music that can only be described as heavy – with elements of progressive rock and psychedelic rock.

Our very own Scriba Pontificus has been listening to the new mini-album from Ireland’s Raum Kingdom:

Raum Kingdom shortWounds’ is like being hit in the head by a tombstone.

This is earthy, dark and moody – with enough metal to shovel away any hope you might keep alive in your weak mind.

It is black, worming, fumigatory … the smoke of the land.

Barren Objects’ has a solemn guitar that spears, contorts and bites like bleeding quick-thorn.

A portentous voice bides time. Prior to writhing violently into the blackened mass of sounds.

Cross Reference’ begins with the sound of distant gunfire and a limping pace. This is a nightmare that is very real and very credible.

This perfectly doom-laden 5-track mini-album ends with ‘This Sullen Hope.

Guitars mew meekly across an open horizon – like wounded eagles. Worn down by the poison of the earth.

The lyrics are almost imperceptible – as the corruption of ashen guitars build up a regular riff below:

“Is that you [Earl King?] in these black shadows?”

@neilmach © 2014



Debut EP from Raum Kingdom.
Reorded at Dead Dog Studio, Drogheda, Ireland 2014.
Mixed and Mastered by Jonny Kerr

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