TCTGYB Dead Reckoning

They’re coming to get you Barbara – better abbreviated to TCTGYB – formed in Liverpool in 2011 and draw influences from Periphery and Black Stone Cherry.

With a name taken from the Night of the Living Dead – you’d perhaps expect more gore and glamour – maybe even some titillation – but this is grown-up stuff with adult-power and muscle in every bone.

TCTGYB - The harmonies are great -  the melodies are exquisite and musicianship is of the highest quality...

TCTGYB – The harmonies are great – the melodies are exquisite and musicianship is of the highest quality…

Our noble Scriba Pontificus here at METAL AS RELIGION had a listen to the Dead Reckoning EP (still available from the lad’s site as a FREE download):

Ill Gotten Gains’ has spirals of pyrotechnic guitars that flare like pin-wheels in a sullen sky. The voice is disabled, mutated and sandy – it begs and pleads: “What the hell do you want from me?” The words bring to mind the gnawing, grabbing tax-man – the usury prevalent in the music industry – the greed of the bankers and the self-centered arrogance of the politicians… it’s all here. The anger at all that injustice. But this is a song of defiance. So you will be singing along – with all of us: ”We will stand tall…. “

Fairytales’ has a mysterious darkness. The guitar riff is a doom-package of dynamite – it black-snakes around the stern voice – and this is another song that grabs you by the knackers and pulls you into the fray.

Darkest Cloud’ has more of those bludgeoning axes – and the dangerous flash-powder vocals.

With sparkling synth below, this is a dark soup – incredibly tight harmonies and blast-cap percussion work. It’s almost better than ‘Ill Gotten Gains’ – engaging, powerful and demonstrative. We love it!

Rule #1’ has a daunting (but smart) Manga start – the voice here is so tense that you expect James’s larynx to become detached at any moment. But this is what rock is all about isn’t it? Anger, resentment and energy. God, if we have not got that … What do we have?

The harmonies here are great too, the melody is exquisite and musicianship is of the highest quality. If these guys cannot penetrate major markets in the United States, then there is no justice in this wicked world! This is the song that should bring about the conquest.

TCTGYB have neatly pulled a rat out the bag with this one – watch as the blood drips and the skin festers – ‘cos this is startling, deadly and polluting.

@neilmach © 2014



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