HIRAX First UK Appearance

Legendary Los Angeles, CA thrash metal band Hirax will make their first ever UK appearance at next year’s Hammerfest VII (flagged HRH United) 12-15th March at in North Wales. In the mid 1980’s – along with Metallica, Exodus and Slayer Hirax were considered one of the earliest (and one of the finest) proponents of thrash metal, speed and crossover.

Hammerfest 2015 poster Oct 10 2014

In February 2014 Hirax released their newest album titled “Immortal Legacy” – courtesy of Steamhammer Records.

Also at North Wales next year – with Kamelot, Candlemass and Devilment – will be London-based doom band Dysteria  Norwegian stoners Sahg –  Swedish sleazeballs Hardcore Superstar [see below] and the wonderful San Francisco classic rockers Night Ranger.

Five stages, over 70 bands, great friends, wonderful memories and heavy, heavy music.

This mental weekend promises more danger than being tied naked to the back of a bull before being sent into a minefield during an electric storm.

We cannot wait!

Link: http://www.hammerfest.co.uk/


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