Chapter 1 : A Long Time Coming ALBUM REVIEW
Cargo Records –  Release date: 23 February 2015

This is what our noble Scriba Pontificus had to say about this new release:

I hate benches. These cursed items evoke in my mind all the things that I hated  most about school.

Lab benches and work benches. God, how I loathed physics and chippery (carpentry) … even worse were the players bench – I was always the one left out of any sports team (left sitting on the bench ) – the last spotty child to be chosen. Worst of all were the exercise benches … the ones that I was supposed to ‘Press’. The most evil torture to be inflicted on a 125 pound music lover.

Profane & The Sacred - Dark as tobacco juice honey...

Profane & The Sacred – Dark as tobacco juice honey…

By mere coincidence, the broody opening track on ‘A Long Time Coming’ is called “Bench”. But this particular bench is a glorious thing…

Dark as tobacco juice honey, the bass infiltrates every nook and cranny – the sounds flow around the edges, moving like engine oil that’s been kept in a cup of bones.

This number oozes into‘Bleed That Stone’ and that tremendously gravitational vocal – the stomping beat on this one is hairier than a barbarian with monkey-man arms struggling to get his bagpipes back inside his kilt.

You Know’is also as powerful as the back-draft from a sudden napalm attack.

And then ‘Weather the Storm’ has that wonderful pendulous swing that you will love.

It sways like the ball-bag on a rhino, and is marvelous thing to behold.

The instrumental work of guitarist (Rick Spooner) is splendid – with sulfuric riffs and fumes so mile-high dangerous that they threaten to ignite into the atmosphere at any time.

A New Leaf’ has shimmers of intelligent guitar and a dappled plate-glass finish that creates an intriguing opening.

It is with this track that the listener really gets to fully perceive the complexity and instrumental prowess that’s on show here. The Profane And The Sacred are not one-hit wonder-machines, recent arrivals or take-a-chance amateurs. No, they are here for the long haul …  They know how to learn. They know how to graft. And they know how to give you something special. They give a whole lot more than you expect.

Specially prepared stoner rock for those who are not ashamed to admit that they prefer bass-heavy blastings to be decorated with impressive skill and created by craftsmen who, if they are not icons of the genre already … soon will be!

@neilmach 2015 ©



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