Impudent Hamilton four piece DEVILSKIN produce a powerful & irrepressible rock sound – performing remarkable live shows show around their native New Zealand.

They will set out from the home shores in 2015 to capture the world!

The band features the stunning vocal work of Jennie Skulander – the band also comprises Nail on guitar, Paul Martin on bass and Paul’s son Nic on drums.

Devilskin’s debut album “We Rise ” debuted at number 1 and the singles have amassed over 800,000 hits on Youtube.

Devilskin play their UK debut show in London at @theborderline on Wednesday 15th April.

Devilskin - Freeing the dynamic energy...

Devilskin – Freeing the dynamic energy…

Meanwhile, have been listening to their Little Pills:

The intro owes a debt of thanks to Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit – then we get a huge stalking monster of sound – this lopes around the place stomping with joy.

Vocal passages from Jennie step along with that riff – before freeing the dynamic energy that is stored inside – yielding more energy than a Looney Tunes time-bomb.

Inspired, perhaps, by the gallows humour and intimate sweaty drama of German Kabarett – abundant facial expressions and exaggerated body movements – Jennie is undoubtedly the centre of attention.

But Nail and the other guys work hard too – entertaining us constantly with their antics, as well as providing licks, thrums and expressive passages filled with energetic combustibility.

Metallic punky-rock sung lustfully and demonically – with perfectly riffed guitars, regular groovy beats and so much intensity it makes you want to beat your chest and tear your hair out – like a gorilla’s spurned lover.

So come, all ye heathen – gather yourselves together round this lot…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


Wednesday 15th April
Tickets £10 in advance
The Borderline
Orange Yard
London WC1


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