DYSRIDER Bury The Omen

Dysrider is a Metal band from Morges, Switzerland. Originally created under the name Trophallaxy in 2007, the band has released two studio albums and a demo.

Playing initially an effective but traditional Symphonic Metal, the band has continued to evolve in a more aggressive style.

Now, freshly signed to Tenacity Music, the Swiss group is ready to release their first album under the Dysrider moniker titled “Bury The Omen”.

Dysrider - like a fireboat caught in a dangerous current...

Dysrider – like a fireboat caught in a dangerous current…

Our noble Scriba Pontificus had an early listen:

Emergence’ has that oily and incredibly disturbing cello from Joëlle. And you know by now that icy tumbling keys are never a good sign either. Then the guitar storms in with thickly buttressed drums and this becomes the richest and most sumptuous intro you’ve heard for a long while.

Against Your Hold’ is a flustering duet with muted -yet wicked – guitars.

Jonathan moans, screams growls and performs vocal somersaults. These contrast with the purity and brightness of the voice from Joëlle. This is a fanfare of flavours and firestorms.

Title track ‘Bury The Omen’ moves along quickly – like a fireboat caught in a dangerous current – it rushes ahead in the dark.

The voices shine like wetted embers aglow in the mist, and the instrumental quality is amazing.

Time Of Decay’ is one of the more ambitious movements on this superlative album.

The cello, once again, creates the feeling of foreboding, as the guitars sizzle like heretics on the holy brazier. This piece progress ominously – like a wounded beast – until it flowers magnificently into passion and wonder.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/dysrider/

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