STONEGHOST New Age Old Ways Review

South London hard-rockers Stoneghost are a four-man riff-machine that create together some aggressively up-tempo & high-tensile metal-works.

They will be releasing their new album ‘New Age of Old Ways’ on 13 April via Mascot Label Group.

Stoneghost - A strut-fest of wanton beef-steak manliness...

Stoneghost – A strut-fest of wanton beef-steak manliness…

We had a first listen:

The hectic ‘Faceless Ghost’ is a riot of colours and screams.

The voice is grizzled and iron ore dark. With immensely deep and powerful rhythms and lightning quick guitars, this is an invitation to feel low and dirty.

Devil’s Motion’ is a little sleazier. With oily guitars and sniffled vocals.

This swaggers along like a winning stag. The head-banging chorus is hypnotic and powerful. It is a strut-fest of wanton beef-steak manliness.

Jason possesses incredible vocal range — from mischievous screams down to deceptively low growling grrrs. And there is always plenty of mature, angsty fortitude.

All They Need Is The Light’ has an undulating rhythm. It’s like being caught-out on the deck of a pirate ship in a salty squall. The voice is spat out and irritable. And the guitars are jagged as broken ice.

Second To Breathe’ has a confident togetherness that reminded us of Soundgarden.

This is dark brown, brooding, and has a headache of pounding of drums. With pure junk-shots of guitar and an overall moodiness that would probably give you the abdabs — if it were not all so damn hypnotic.

Anguished heavy rock with angry vocals that are so agitated and neurotic that they are likely to cause an attack of the convulsions. This is the complete cockandballs. So be sure to be ready — before you try it.


Words:@neilmach 2015 ©




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