Philippa Ricketts the lead vocalist for the Stafford (UK) metal band Divided We Fall [whose Dreamcrusher album was released at last year’s Dames of Darkness Festival] has released a cover of Halestorm’sFamiliar Taste of Poison.’

Philippa Ricketts - Burnished

Philippa Ricketts – Burnished

We had a listen:

Rusted guitars drip with dangerous ice-teeth as they unravel to glint around the burnished main vocal — this shimmers with bladed pain and harbors the kind of heartfelt malice that can only just be held back.

Phillipa’s vocal style is slightly less vampish and slightly more effulgent than the original.

And it seems to express the hidden anguish of ungraspable love with emotion and depth.

Just to feel this underneath your skin again… Well, it’s creepy and kinda wonderful.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©




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