SAKARA Serenity

Midlands (UK) singer/songwriter Sakara’s second new video has been released.

Serenity is taken from the album Beauty & Bravery .

We had a listen:

sakara rect

From inside claustrophobic confines, deformed guitars frizzle as the astounding sulfur and iodine from Laura Marshall emanates.

The song has the swing and anguish of rusty asylum-house chains… And the turbulent rhythm of a malicious poltergeist.

And, of course, a grotesque bass sound that gnaws at your heart endings.

This is just such a beautiful pain!

A dream of anguish forever, and the dark emptiness of purgatory.

Fascinating and beautifully embellished metal, with the sharp-indigo vocals that are so acetic that they will burn the eyes.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©





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